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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Apr 10, 2001  2:05 pm
Subject:  "Writing Hands the Way They Look" plus exceptions...

> How would it read having the right hand at the right side with an extra
>touch symbol placed at the thumb, to say; that the thumb is touching the
>forehead? The head symbol will have the two touching symbols placed at the
>forehead as normal. Tini

SignWriting List
April 10, 2001

Hello Tini, and Everyone!

Thank you for your two questions about writing the ASL signs for
Father-Mother, and Boat (or water cupped in your hand as you

These questions are perfect for the rule of "Writing Hands the Way They Look".

RULE: "Writing Hands the Way They Look"
SignWriting Handshapes are written based on the way the hands look in
real life.

Take a photograph, and write the handshape directly on that
photograph. If your writing matches the look of the hand in the
photo, then you know your symbol is correct.

Any handshape that cannot be seen easily, which includes:
1. The fingers point directly towards your eyes, so that the fingers
look more like dots than lines.
2. The fingers point directly away from you, so that they are hidden
behind the base of your hand and you cannot see them.
3. The hand is hidden by the face or other parts of the body (a
common problem in the Expressive Viewpoint).

As you can see, Tini, your two questions both fall under the
Exceptions. The signs for Father and Mother in ASL have the thumb
directed straight towards you, so the thumb really looks like a dot,
not a line.

The ASL sign for Boat is parallel with the floor. If you look down at
your hands, once again, the fingers, although curved, are coming
right at you...and they cannot be seen perfectly, and so the cupped
hand directed straight forward is another one of those exceptions...

My explanations are coming soon -

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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