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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Apr 11, 2001  2:43 am
Subject:  Re: Hard-to-Write Handshapes

Stefan wrote:
>If there is already the answer in our archives - I apologize - but I
>learned from my own history of learning to read and write SW that I
>haven " been prepared well enough to understand some answers in the past
>;-( >Stefan ;-)

SignWriting List
April 10, 2001

Certainly there is no need to apologize...It is very hard to teach
and learn through email. I apologize too, if I have not explained
something well enough.

I frankly doubt that there are other Internet Lists that provide
lessons through email....Does anyone know of other Lists that teach

It is hard to teach by email because it takes time to prepare the
diagrams, and while I am preparing them, new questions are asked.
Then the lesson plan, which I had organized in advance, gets changed,
and instead I am chasing after the questions, trying to answer them
all...without any consistency to the subject matter.

And then I cannot physically show you what I am we are
dependent on words to describe movement...and words just aren't good

Thank you for the photo, Stefan. It is from the Receptive Viewpoint.
Someday I need some Expressive photos, so we would be seeing the
hands from the signer's point of view...the way you really write it.
But if you are willing to read the Receptive Writing, and learn to
switch to Expressive, I will be happy to write on top of the
Receptive Photos.

By the way, Tini, your writing of "boat" or holding "water", is not
the same position as Stefan shows in his photo, which is a flat
hand...but yours was a curved hand, and I will teach that later
too...Right now, I will prepare diagrams based on the photo, and
hopefully post the new lesson tomorrow...

I am having a visitor from Ireland...the developer of the Sutton True
Type Fonts, Michael Everson, who is also the Unicode expert who will
be preparing SignWriting in Unicode in the future, is coming to visit
me Thursday...

For those interested in downloading the SignWriting Fingerspelling
Fonts that Michael designed, go to:

Download SignWriting Fingerspelling Fonts

Michael and I have worked over the telephone and via the internet for
several years, but we have never met face to I am really
looking forward to our Thursday meeting, which will be about Unicode,
Java and the future of typing SignWriting...I only wish Antonio
Carlos could be with us, to explain more about SWML ;-)

More soon -

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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