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From:  Héctor y Margarita Devia
Date:  Sun Apr 15, 2001  12:28 pm
Subject:  Introduce myself

Hello to all. I am Hector Devia, an live in Colombia South América, for some time ago a friend give me a floppy disk with a program about signs but I had problems to understand English so I spend a lot of time reading, and reading again, looking at the spanish-english dictionary for learn SignWriting.
I am an Colombian Sign Language user, I visit Deaf  for religious porposes, and teach them The Bible (if they agree). Of couse there is time for others matter too, for example to pay a social visit, or a barbacue.
Three year ago I Worked for Secretaría de Educación Distrital de Bogotá, and IRAVISION (the Government Television Channel) as Sign Language Interpreter. On the other hand I had two dificulties, firts, How to record sign? and How to write (no gloss) sign translations?. 
When I start to understand Sign Writing better, I thought, the solution is SW, and it is. 
For example I make some short notes in SW for Deaf, and I explain the meanig of symbols and they think it is very interesting. 
Finnaly, How can I get a Colombian-Spanish Version of Signwriter?.
Can I traslate into spanish the manuals and Sign lesson and give to friends?
Nos vemos amigos (See you later)    

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4791 Colombia & Greece Fingerspelling SGN files Valerie Sutton Sun  4/15/2001

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