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From:  Henk Pel
Date:  Mon Apr 16, 2001  3:45 pm
Subject:  5th graders

Hello Cecilia. I have shown the work of your 5th graders to our group and
the result is, that they are in the process of working on something in
return. I suggested to them, to start corresponding between your children
and ours. Wouldn't that be terrific!!!!
You think your children would like that?

Hello Stefan. Re your "dialogue-role play" I have no problem reading A and B
as a signer. We have our children make up short "conversations", They also
learn to sign both A and B in order to be able to teach it to one an other.
We never questioned this procedures.
Am I missing something?
Mind you, I have not been able to translate it word for word. I guess I
have to know the German language. Due to my lack of experience, I have some
questions about some of the signs, but later about that.


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