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From:  Cheryl Zapien
Date:  Tue Nov 3, 1998  3:24 pm
Subject:  Re: SWLP Teacher Feedback


This is from the student perspective. The understanding of the parts is only
necessary for: 1: decoding a sign you've never run into before or have
never read before. After several run through with any given sign they seem
easy to memorize. I'm not sure why, because in many cases (because they are
2D) these written signs look less like what they are than they might have in
3D--cup for example). 2:writing one's own missives requires the parts to
make one's own wholes, so to speak. Cheryl

Ruth E Kartchner wrote:

> As I was reading Michelle Lewis report, I remembered reading about
> children who learn spelled words as if they are the sign for the word
> rather than a word spelled by several letters. It wasn't until later that
> they realized they were actually spelling a word. So they were learning
> whole to parts rather than parts to whole. My two cents worth.
> Ruth

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