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From:  "Karlin, Ben"
Date:  Tue Nov 3, 1998  5:29 pm
Subject:  Re: a "proper" suggestion

James, I wonder if sets of rubber stamps of SW symbols would be useful to
your kids.

I haven't got any idea how they are made or by who or at what cost.... But
it would eliminate some of the problems of production.
Ben Karlin
Staff Interpreter for the Deaf, St Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center
5300 W Arsenal St, St Louis, MO 63139-1494
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> From: Judy Kegl
> To: SignWriting List
> Subject: Re: a "proper" suggestion
> Date: Monday, 02 November, 1998 11:46PM
> The students in Bluefields do not yet use SW between themselves. They are
> at the reading level, but not the production (writing) level. Anselmo
> it, but no one else as yet. The students spend substantial time reading
> our texts, and this gives them whole word recognition. For the advanced
> students, we have them learn how to type SW on the computer. This entails
> hours of practice, as you can imagine. The next step is to use good old
> fashioned pencil and paper. It is a process.

> Ultimately, I believe that many of the students will use SW to communicate
> with each other. We are ready to start experimenting with that next
> session. It is all a step by step process -- just like learning to read
> and write english. I am bemused by the frustration some of the
> contributors to SW's computer chat line seem to express. It seems parents
> or teachers who try to teach children SW expect instant gratification.

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