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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Sun Oct 21, 2001  3:45 pm
Subject:  Re: e. lessons

Hi Tini and listmembers,

I agree ! Usually I would assume a contact between thumb and index looking
at the "flat-O" - but in this case - and this is what I mean with "writing
for the informed reader" we should notice that there is a movement
description - a finger is moving forward with a brush - staying in contact
all the time - so for me it is the thumb that is brushing for some distance
and that should not be possible if it starts with the index -

Well I bet that - You Valerie - are able to write this sign sooooooo
detailed that yon can see from the moon that it starts with a
babyfinger-thumb contact and ends with a index-thumb contact.
If time does alow that - please ... ;-)

In the meantime ;-) But it is a fact that all of us who discussed this
sign as a special one - we will be able to understand to read it - just as
mud - ha . muddy boots, muddy -
Hi Tini can you offer some "muddy sentences - simply using this sign " ??

And You are right that the reader who is not involved in this discussion
would not be able to read it so detailed.

This reader will not find to sleep - but there is the List and he an she can
post his/her problem .. ha !


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From: Henk Pel
Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2001 5:13 AM
Subject: e. lessons

> Hello Valerie, Stefan and list,
> WOW, those e lessons are fantastic. I looked at e lesson 0035 #1. I know
> is a flat O, but where is the thumb? At the index finger? In order to do
> spelling "mud", we have to start at the little finger, right?
> Or do we automatically know, looking at 0035 and because of the sentence,
> start at the little finger.
> I am looking at it from a total beginners point of view. Just wondering.
> Tini.

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