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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Oct 21, 2001  6:40 pm
Subject:  Re: e. lessons

Stefan wrote:
>In the meantime ;-) But it is a fact that all of us who discussed this
>sign as a special one - we will be able to understand to read it - just as
>mud - ha . muddy boots, muddy -

SignWriting List
October 21, 2001

Thank you, Stefan, for your wise words! You are absolutely correct
that when reading signs, people who already know those signs, do not
need enormous detail. Whether the fingers start at the middle finger
or the baby finger is such a minute difference that it will still be
read well by signers...

Very detailed writing is not done on a daily basis for spoken
languages either...I know there are some words that are pronounced
differently in Canada in English, for example, if compared to
American dialects...but we still write the words the same...

So when developing new spellings of signs in SignWriting...try to
think...Can this sign be confused with another sign, if I spell it
this way? If the answer is "no", then the spelling is probably
detailed -

Val ;-)

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