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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Nov 3, 2001  2:50 pm
Subject:  Re: Signwriting Presentation at St. Petersburg College

SignWriting List
November 3, 2001

Dear SW List, and Bill!
Thank you for this report, and for the presentation, Bill. You are
really contributing a great deal to SignWriting...The gift of a CD
for every participant certainly was generous of you!

It is great to know that some of the Deaf participants expressed some
interest too ;-)

Your CD of the SW web site is very very useful, and will continue to be so -

The other day I made a copy of your CD and included it in the package
for the French Canadian SignWriting works fine except
when I make a copy it doesn't start automatically when you insert the
copy into your have to find the index.html file...I
suspect that is because I do not have the software you used to create
the CD...or perhaps the issues of Mac and PC...who knows! No matter
what, the CD will be a blessing for them...

So your gift lives on...

Val ;-)


Bill Reese wrote:
>I would like to report on the successful presentation of SignWriting at
>St. Petersburg College in Clearwater, Florida.
>I had been invited to make this presentation during their disAbility
>Awareness event this past Monday, Oct. 29, 2001.
>During this half-hour introduction presentation, I was able to do the
>1. Show them the beginning of the SignWriting website,
>2. Hand out the brochures of the children's writings on the WTC tragedy
>3. Accompany that handout with CD's of the SignWriting website
>4. Give an bare overview of SignWriting: it's origins, it's current
>scope, it's hopes.
>5. Write a few examples of SignWriting and engage the audience into
>guessing what signs they represented.
>6. Provide a question and answer period.
>Thanks Val for the 10 brochures. I made 10 more and they were just
>enough. I also handed out 20 CD's.
>The hall was modestly attended but it was a perfect audience. There was
>engagement, a real curiosity, some limit knowledge beforehand, a good
>question and answer session. I was thanked by a few of the audience and
>there was some enthusiasm from a couple of the deaf students.
>Bill Reese

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