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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Nov 5, 2001  2:54 pm
Subject:  Nicaragua

SignWriting List
November 5, 2001

What a wonderful photo, Stefan! Thanks for sharing it with us...

James - this is really a good photo - lots of SignWriting too...who
is the person signing? Is he Nicaraguan? Or one of the TV crewmen?

Val ;-)


Stefan wrote:

>Hello Judy, James and listmembers,
>in Germany we could see on TV a wonderfull documentation about your
>Bluefields project -
>Looking at the yellow wall with all the SW-signs I thought about decorating
>a wall in my class similar to that .
>What did your write there ??
>The documentation of the British and Danish TV Programm was really very
>I saw it already about two years ago - but at that time I had little
>knowledge about the real bachground.
>So congratulations on all your achievments -
>Stefan ;-)


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