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From:  Bill Reese
Date:  Mon Nov 5, 2001  1:37 am
Subject:  Re: Deaf Children Express Grief

I can answer this for you, Henk. The PDF file is almost 1.5 megabytes. I think
you must be on a 56k modem dial-up connection because 15 minutes is about how
long it would take to download that PDF file that way.

Word of advice: when you are downloading PDF files, save them to your
hard-drive. Then you'll be able to view them from your hard-drive rather than
download them every time from the website. You can also download total websites
to your harddrive. That's what I did when I copied that first signwriting CD.
However, with a 56k modem that would take a very long time.

Bill Reese

Henk Pel wrote:

> Dear Valerie,
> Re:
> Tini and I visited this website again because we wanted to make a few more
> prints. We found that, just like the last time, it takes rather long to
> download. On our system we have a blank screen for at least 15 minutes
> before the first pictures arrive. Usually when we visit S.W.websites we do
> see images within seconds. What could be the reason? Does it have something
> to do with acrobat?
> On another note; Tini has talked one of her friends into helping her with
> making book bags for her S.W.students. They are making them out of sturdy
> left over material and they are appliquéing the "Hello" sign writing symbol
> on them. Isn't that a neat idea? The kids will get them on the last day of
> the fall session in about three weeks time. We'll send you a picture when
> they are ready. You sure are an inspiration!
> Henk

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