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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Fri Nov 9, 2001  8:08 pm
Subject:  Re: Spain and Germany

Steve Parkhurst wrote : ...

.... Stefan is using SW
> with children who do not necessarily know the SL. For us it is important
> be able to read fluently with speed. The fewer symbols you have, the
> you can read. Of course there has to be a balance; if you leave out too
> much, it's hard to understand the text; if you put in too many details, it
> slows you down and you lose the flow and the context. We do put in any
> facial expressions that are grammatical: biting the lip ("F") or teeth
> as an intensifier; or eyebrows as intensifier or topic, etc.

Hm - I would like to add my idea . My style of writing changed over the last
two years.
In the beginning I concentrated on other symbols and neglected the

I transcribed in the meantime lots of videos showing competent deaf signers
and had to learn that in most of these DGS- presentations the signer use a
lot of mouth movements while they pronounce without voice the German words
or at least parts of the words that go along with their signing.
So German words that have to been read from the lips seem to be an important
part of some DGS signs and should be written therefor.

Steve and me discussed this difference between writing for practical purpose
versus exact transcription .

Since I produced most of my documents from video-transcriptions I got used
to the idea that it takes some time to write a individual style of a
specific signer. As a movement writer I am not the one to decide that this
facial expression or that movement or holding of the passive left hand is
important or necessary. I just try to document as exact as possible the
whole situation.

And Steve is right - without knowing about the circumstances or even the
video - the reader has sometimes a hard time to understand these super
exact written signs - ;-( Anyway it seems to be a good exercise to get
practice and to learn to see. )

On the other hand - well - for Signed German documents I add a lot of mouth
symbols in order to give the reader not such a hard time to identify the
exact grammar or word of the German expression for the presented sign. These
documents are written in order to allow hearing SL - learners to improve
their SL skills and on the other hand to allow deaf students to improve
their skills in Spoken German ( - and that works fine !! )

Stefan ;-)

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