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From:  Jerry Spillman
Date:  Sat Nov 10, 2001  3:14 am
Subject:  Re: Is SignWriting Necessary?


I just had this discussion with my boss, over what was proper vernacular
in my youth, and is now forbidden as inappropriate, or not "politically
correct". It seems to me that if I am to respect the vernacular and
customs of this modern age, that those so-called politically correct
persons should also respect the vernacular and customs I was reared
into. Falls right in line with your quote, however, and I suppose that
one day because I have been ordered to do so, I must "standardize" my
speech to the now "common" (vulgar) vernacular...
It would seem to me that this is the kind of thing that has maintained
all the cultural differences we all see among our members, but yet if
all language becomes completely standardized and cooked down into one
set of language and symbols, where, then is our ethnicity, originality
and personality? And how will these "standard H" persons communicate
with the rest of us. Do we just become obsolete and die off, or will it
be mandatory to become one in order to survive?

Jerry Spillman

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