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From:  Henk Pel
Date:  Mon Nov 12, 2001  8:18 pm
Subject:  L.I.F.E.

Dear Valerie and List,

Some time ago we (Tini and I) wrote to the List about the organization we
started here in Gore Bay. Various teachers donate their time to conduct
classes in a variety of subjects. From social dancing, to painting, T'ai
Chi, Language skills, calligraphy, sign language, sign writing etc. Since
you could categorize all these subjects as Life Skills and to give the
umbrella organization a catchy name we call it L.I.F.E., which stands for
Learning Is Fun Eh.
Canadians are known for ending most of their sentences that ask for an
agreement with "eh", such as: It is a nice day eh? - That was fun eh? - She
is a good teacher eh? - I hope he will get better eh?
Stefan caught onto this and has signed off his messages in which he explains
something, with "L.I.F.E.", a short form of saying Learning Is Fun, (don't
you agree) Eh.
We think that is rather nice of him and we followed his example and we now
too end most of our messages by signing off with L.I.F.E. So it does not
mean Hartelijk Bedankt (Dutch for Many Thanks). I just included that the
last time because Anton has a Dutch background, like myself.
See, you have learned something again!

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