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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Nov 13, 2001  5:21 am
Subject:  Re: L.I.F.E.

SignWriting List
October 12, 2001

Hello Henk!
Thank you for explaining once again about your organization's name:
"Learning Is Fun, Eh?" (L.I.F.E.)....great name!

I now remember you had told us about that before...sorry I forgot
about that ;-)

I am impressed that you started the organization yourself - it must
be very gratifying.

And I love seeing Dutch on the List...I hope to see more languages on
the List too- The messages in Spanish from Colombia, for example, are
also very welcome ;-))

The reason I brought up Danish is simply because I miss my second
home, Copenhagen...I have not been back to Denmark since 1990, and
your Dutch brought back memories -

The Danes have the same phrase as you do in Dutch...just spelled and
pronounced differently...Hjertelig tak!

Val ;-)


>Dear Valerie and List,
>Some time ago we (Tini and I) wrote to the List about the organization we
>started here in Gore Bay. Various teachers donate their time to conduct
>classes in a variety of subjects. From social dancing, to painting, T'ai
>Chi, Language skills, calligraphy, sign language, sign writing etc. Since
>you could categorize all these subjects as Life Skills and to give the
>umbrella organization a catchy name we call it L.I.F.E., which stands for
>Learning Is Fun Eh.
>Canadians are known for ending most of their sentences that ask for an
>agreement with "eh", such as: It is a nice day eh? - That was fun eh? - She
>is a good teacher eh? - I hope he will get better eh?
>Stefan caught onto this and has signed off his messages in which he explains
>something, with "L.I.F.E.", a short form of saying Learning Is Fun, (don't
>you agree) Eh.
>We think that is rather nice of him and we followed his example and we now
>too end most of our messages by signing off with L.I.F.E. So it does not
>mean Hartelijk Bedankt (Dutch for Many Thanks). I just included that the
>last time because Anton has a Dutch background, like myself.
>See, you have learned something again!

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