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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Nov 15, 2001  2:30 am
Subject:  Questions About SignWriting

SignWriting List
November 14, 2001

Dear SW List members and Kelli -

As you all know, I have email that has not been answered for weeks,
because of a project I have been working on (SignBank 2.0 ;-)....

So now, trying to catch up is rather amazing...I look at all the
lists of messages, realizing full well that every author of every
message deserves my full attention and appreciation, for their
interest in SignWriting....

There was a time, after all, when no one was I am
grateful for your interest...and most of all, I hope, as a team, we
can accomplish our goals...

So let's share a few of these messages... I received one yesterday
from Kelli. Kelli has asked a long list of questions. I hope some of
you might want to answer some of them for Kelli?...go right ahead...I
am sure your information will be valuable to her project.

Here is Kelli's message:

>Dear Valerie Sutton,
> My name is Kelli Ashe and I attend Greenbrier High School in Augusta,
>Georgia. I am working on my senior research paper. It involves the
>education of the hearing impaired and their native language. I would like
>to ask you some questions concerning sign language and the hearing
>impaired. I think it would be great if I could interview you. I love your
>website SignWriting and DanceWriting. I would greatly appreciate it if you
>could answer a few questions. Some of the questions may not relate to you,
>feel free to skip those questions.
>1. What is your occupation and where do you work?
>2. Do you know any form of sign language? If so, what and how long have you
>known it.
>3. Do you interact daily with the hearing impaired? If so, where and what
>do you do?
>4. Do you believe that deafness is a culture? Explain why or why not.
>5. Are you involved in the Deaf community?
>6. Is there any controversy within the Deaf community concerning their
>education or native language?
>7. Are you aware of any problems within Deaf residential schools? If so,
>8. How can Deaf residential schools improve, so that the hearing impaired
>exceed on English test scores and function easier in the "hearing" world?
>9. Which do you think should be the native language of the hearing
>impaired, American Sign Language or English? Why?
>10. What are the advantages/disadvantages of lip reading and cued speech?
>11. What is your personal view of Total Communication?
>12. What is your personal view of Bilingual-Bicultural?
>13. What advancements can be made that will cause maximum communication for
>the hearing impaired with the "hearing" world?
>14. Do you think a Sign Cable Network and/or Signwriting will improve the
>communication of the deaf with the hearing? Why?
>15. Is there any personal experiences or knowledge concerning the hearing
>impaired and/or sign language that you would like to share?
> Thank you very much Ms. Sutton for taking time out to answer these
>questions. I assure you that any information you give me will be cited in
>my research paper. Again I thank you.
>Kelli Ashe


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