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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Nov 23, 2001  8:48 pm
Subject:  A Wonderful Gift From Tini's Students ;-)

SignWriting List
November 23, 2001

Dear SignWriting List Members!
Today I received a wonderful surprise...a big brown envelope from
Canada! I opened it with great anticipation...what could it be? ;-))

Wow! Did my eyes pop when I saw a lovely tote bag, hand embroidered
in SignWriting!! It is a blue, hand-stitched bag that can carry
SignWriting books ;-)

On the front of the bag there is an embroidered ASL sign for "Hello",
written in SignWriting, with a smiling face. And around the sign, it
says in English: "Thank you, Valerie, From the Children of Canada!"

Then, on the back of the bag, Tini's students signed their names with
a felt marker...there are signatures from Jimmy, Paul, Adrienne,
Stephanie, Therese, Nicole, Charnelle, Janene and Ian! Thank you,

And thank you, Tini and Henk, for being such good friends over so many years...

So now we don't need to order tote bags from a print shop - your
students could make them and go into business, like Santa's elves!

Please give all your kids a big hug for me!

Val ;-)


>Dear Valerie,
>Congratulations on finishing the beta test version of SignBank 2.0! It is
>always so nice when you can bring a project to a good ending. And think of
>all the people who are benefiting from all the hours, days, and months of
>work that you have put into it.
>We are also very happy that we see your messages on the List again. We have
>missed them.

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