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From:  Henk Pel
Date:  Fri Nov 23, 2001  8:29 am
Subject:  photo

Hello Valerie and list,
I just came back from our local reporter to get the picture he took some
time ago, of our students, to send it up to you. Instead, he has sent it
straight from his office, to you Valerie. He hasn't had time to write the
article yet, so I was anxious to get the picture to you before it got lost.
I will mention their names, so the students in Germany and New Mexico will
know whom they are corresponding with.
Front row from L. to R.: Janene- Andrienne- Ian- Stephany- Theresa
(Stephanie's mother).
Back row: Jimmy- Paul- Nicole- Charnelle and me in the background.
Next Wednesday will be our last day for this season. We will start in
February again.
Bye for now, yours,

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5931 Canadian student's photo Valerie Sutton Sat  11/24/2001

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