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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Nov 24, 2001  4:00 pm
Subject:  SW Programming Questions from Antony....

SignWriting List
November 24, 2001

Dear SW List members, and Antony -
Awhile back, Antony in Australia, asked me for the source code for
SignWriter 4.4 in MS-DOS. I can send that source code to anyone who
requests it, but first I think I need to explain a few
this message is for computer programmers....

Thank you, Antony, for this question:

>Yes I would like to have a look at the old Pascal language.. Are you
>sending it in .doc, .txt or .pdf files? I don't have a Pascal compiler,
>only Borland Turbo C++, VC++ and VB6.0..

I don't think you can use the source code for SW 4.4 if you don't
have a Pascal compiler... It is not in Borland Turbo C++, VC++ and
VB6.0. It is in Pascal and Assembly Language (machine language). And
it is not in .doc or .txt or .pdf, but instead in .pas and .asm.

>I agree to change the language away from Pascal. I currently have Windows
>98 thus I still can use DOS programs. However, as soon as I can afford it,
>I will upgrade to a new computer with WindowsXP or Windows 2000, I am not
>sure...Can I then still use your DOS based program? Sorry as a IT student I
>should know, but I don't.

No. As far as I know, those Windows versions are not usable for DOS
and therefore would make it difficult, if not impossible, for you to
use the source code for SignWriter least I believe that is
the case...I cannot give you any tech support for SignWriter 4.4
source code, since I am not the programmer, and the programmer is not

>What languages are you considering to use? C++ is very stable, but very
>cumbersome to program (similar to Pascal) I suppose. VB is a windows
>program and thus easier to use, but will need to make sure that all the
>.DLLs are included otherwise it may not run on all PCs.
>Or are you considering another language????

As you know, SignWriter 5.0 is a java application, but it never got completed:

SignWriter 5.0 development

And I am not asking anyone to work on SignWriter 5.0 right now.
Anything you do would be independent and starting from scratch, so
you can choose whatever software language you wish...I know in Brazil
they have written some software programs for SignWriting. For
information, write to:

Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa

I sent you a SignWriting Information packet, Antony, on October 27,
2001, so you should receive it soon!

And remember that I can create an Australian version of SignWriter
4.4 for you, without you doing any programming...just help me with
certain issues like the fingerspelling and numbers used in
Australia...and if you purchase the program, I can create that
version for you for no extra maybe re-programming is not

And then the new SignBank 2.0 is in modern operating systems, so a
lot is already available to you....

And thank you for all your great messages on the SignWriting List!

All the best -
Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton


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