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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Nov 25, 2001  8:36 pm
Subject:  Re: South American Sign Language Meeting


SignWriting List
November 25, 2001

Dear Cris and SW List members:

Thanks for your report, Cris! I didn't realize that SignWriting was
represented at the first South American Sign Language Interpreters
Meeting in Uruguay - Please tell Marianne how happy we are to know
this...and thanks for putting up with all the arguments over "whether
Sign Languages should be written or not" is frustrating I know,
but I guess it can be said, that anything that is truly making social
change, has to go through that "argument" period... I know Marianne's
translation of our Lessons In SignWriting Textbook in Portuguese and
Brazilian Sign Language is excellent...Are you using that book in
with the interpreters in Brazil? Val ;-)


>Dear valerie and SW list members:
>There have been "centuries" that I've stopped to post anything. I'm
>Cris, ex-member of SignNet Project and SL interpreter. I've been soo
>busy with my work as interpreter. Now I'm a member of the Ethics
>commission of my state and work as a voluntary to the deaf federation
>and a free lancer SL terp too !
>Well...I went, last week, to the first South American Sign Language
>Interpreters Meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay. Each country was
>represented by a deaf leader and a sign language interpreter. Brazil:
>Marianne Stumpf (our main researcher in sign writing) and me. We
>presented how our interpreting courses are organized (contents,
>etc...) and a differential was just Sign Writing that is each time
>more accepted and requisited by SL interpreters here. It was a
>agitated discussion about it, you know, but in general many people
>contacted us to know a little more about it.
>Just to let you know how things are going in terms of spreading SW.
>My best regards.

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