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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Nov 25, 2001  9:43 pm
Subject:  Re: Celebrating Different SignWriting Styles


SignWriting List
November 25, 2001

Hello Leigh -
It will be several months, if not 6 months, before that article is
complete. So you will have to write your own article. You have an
enormous amount of information already - from Karen van Hoek, Stefan
Woehrmann, Cris in Brazil and James Kegl regarding Nicarguan Sign
Language and almost 1000 web pages to explore...have you read all the
email messages we have written this weekend? - just those messages
alone would be enough to fill your report!

The writing differences I am talking about are very minute
differences that would be pretty hard for you to write about in your
general paper anyway - minute differences as to whether one chooses
the hand orientation direction towards the body or on the
diagonal...differences that are specific to SignWriting users.

Have you read the article on the web?:

Evolution of Writing Styles

Why not write something and post it to the SignWriting List, and then
we all can jump in and give you feedback?...

Val ;-)


>Dear Val,
>this is Leigh. Your article on "Celebrating different Signwriting styles"
>sounds perfect regarding our paper trying to explain how SignWriting is used
>with different signed languages. Not wanting to jump the gun, can you briefly
>describe your thoughts on this topic?
> WE are trying to tie in linguistic similarities that allow Signwriting to be
>used in other sl. Is there anything you can share that will enlighten us in
>our search?
>Very much appreciated!
>Leigh 8:)

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