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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Nov 25, 2001  9:48 pm
Subject:  Re: Is SignWriting Necessary?

SignWriting List
November 25, 2001

Hello James and Daphny!
This is so great...thanks for sharing this with is an
example of a Deaf person fluent in one Sign Language (Nicaraguan),
using SignWriting to learn another Sign Language (ASL)...that proves
we can write different signed languages, based on writing body

Leigh...this is an far as how we made that leap from
body movement to signed languages...well...frankly I am not sure
myself..We just tried it until we got something that works...over was not done was done through experience and
truly dedicating our lives to the process...

Val ;-)


>Since Daphny, our 17 year old Nicaraguan Deaf student, is residing with us
>for a few months, we were able to enroll her as a visiting student at the
>Maine state school for Deaf (Baxter). Daphny's native language is
>Nicaraguan Sign Language, plus she has a smattering of spanish vocabulary,
>so learning ASL has been quite a task for her. Of course, the students at
>Baxter are taught english, and to facilitate this, all were given lists of
>english verbs and adjectives alongside pictograms of their ASL glosses. For
>Daphny, descriptions of english words through ASL is not very helpful, but
>with the SW computer I very quickly printed out each term in Nicaraguan Sign
>Language via SW. (Our Nicaraguan Sign Language dictionary file includes
>some 2000 signs -- a mere drop in the bucket given the immensity of the
>lexicon, but enough to cover all the english terms in the school's
>Once again, SW proves decisive in bridging language gaps.
>-- James

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