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From:  Antony Daamen
Date:  Mon Nov 26, 2001  10:31 am
Subject:  we are excited!!


I don't think you can use the source code for SW 4.4 if you don't have a
Pascal compiler... It is not in Borland Turbo C++, VC++ and VB6.0. It is
in Pascal and Assembly Language (machine language). And it is not in .doc
or .txt or .pdf, but instead in .pas and .asm.
I meant can you copy and paste the code in a .doc file? Then I ca have a

As you know, SignWriter 5.0 is a java application, but it never got
Sorry I didn't know.

I sent you a SignWriting Information packet, Antony, on October 27, 2001,
so you should receive it soon!
And remember that I can create an Australian version of SignWriter 4.4 for
you, without you doing any programming...just help me with certain issues
like the fingerspelling and numbers used in Australia...and if you purchase
the program, I can create that version for you for no extra
maybe re-programming is not necessary?
And then the new SignBank 2.0 is in modern operating systems, so a lot is
already available to you....
And thank you for all your great messages on the SignWriting List!

Thank you, for your information packet, we (terry and I) are absolutely
rapped!! As soon as we have the money, we let you know and you can send
the 'Australian Version'.
We have shown all the interpreters and deaf people we know. Sadly, here in
Townsville there is still Signed English being taught, and thus there does
exist a little resistance to things like SignWriting. However, I have
emailed this to other parts of the country and their this information is
more favourably received. Once we start with the building of our library,
and showing more people, we see what will happen...

For your information: Auslan comes from BSL (British Sign Language) and the
languages are still very similar. We use the same handshapes for the
alphabet and numbers. Also many signs are done with the handshape(s) in
the first letter of the equivalent English word. "Test" with the American
letter t handshape is an example. Also we have 'borrowed' many American
signs. Similar to the Australian English language has many 'Americanisms'.


Antony & Terry Daamen
"The God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will......
crush and put an end to all these kingdoms,
and it itself will stand to times indefinite."
Daniel 2:44

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