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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Nov 27, 2001  4:39 pm
Subject:  Re: Spain Document Using Brackets ;-)

SignWriting List
November 27, 2001

SW List Members, Steve & Dianne!
Thank you for sharing Little Red Riding Hood in Spanish Sign Language
with us, Steve and Dianne. It is a beautiful document, and I like
your use of the brackets ;-)

Meanwhile, interestingly enough, I personally don't use the brackets
when I write, but that does not mean I do not support the idea. In
fact, I was resoundly criticized by a linguist in a public
presentation in Boston in the early 1980's, for using my own form of
brackets in a SignWriting text. You see, we have always had brackets
(they look a tiny bit different) in DanceWriting, but when I applied
those same brackets to SignWriting, this particular linguist thought
it didn't look like a writing system for daily use. So I stopped
using them in SignWriting, but kept them in DanceWriting. Then years
later, you showed me your brackets, Steve, which goes to show that
linguists are not all the same, and that different writing styles are
to be celebrated, not criticised.

So I would like to share with everyone, different writing styles. I
will go through the Red Riding Hood story phrase by phrase, showing
phrases with and without brackets, and then later, I can show you
what the same story would look like, written in vertical columns:

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