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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Nov 28, 2001  3:55 pm
Subject:  Computer Virus W32/Badtrans-B

SignWriting List
November 28, 2001

My dear friends -
I normally do not discuss computer viruses...But after being forced
to re-format my entire hard drive last night, because of a viscious
new virus called virus W32/Badtrans-B, I think I should at least tell
you about it, so you are informed.

And this has NOTHING to do with the SignWriting List messages, since
they are sent from the Listserve software that runs the SignWriting

This new virus is related to individual email messages you might
receive in your email box from a friend.

How does it work?

1. You receive an email message from someone you know, so you assume
the message is a good one, and you assume it is from your friend (it
is not).

2. When you open the email message, there is nothing in the message
area - it is blank.

3. If you try to reply to the message, to tell your friend that there
was no message, it is returned, because the virus takes the email
address from your email address book (isn't that mean?), and then
adds a blank space at the beginning of the email don't
notice that blank space, unfortunately.

4. Once you do that, you have now been infected. And the infected
attached file, ending with a .doc or .pif, is HIDDEN. It does not
show up as an attached file with the message. The infected file shows
up in the trash can, when you delete the message.

Because I have five web sites, I am more vulnerable. I was not that
careful when I saw the subject line from a close friend, and I opened
it. The result was that my Mac has been flooded with weird email
messages that have nothing in the message area, but then when I trash
them, an infected document appears in the trash can.

I understand that with the virus W32/Badtrans-B, in some cases, one
need not even open the attachment to get infected. So, I think you
better be careful. It creates many different extensions and could
come with many different attachments. And don't let them tell you it
is only on the PC - I am pure Mac and I had to re-format my hard

There is only one real solution to all this - backup your important
files on separate disks, stored in a safe place. Soooo...if you have
to re-format your hard drive, you can then reconstruct your work. In
my case, I have finally learned the hard way...I now back up my
ENTIRE hard drive, every three days, onto another hard drive, so I
was able to re-format and reconstruct quickly -

Now, let's get back to fun work. I have a bunch of things to tell
you, and some lovely photos to share with you....
Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton


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