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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Nov 28, 2001  7:03 pm
Subject:  Do you know of other SW web sites?

SignWriting List
November 28, 2001

Dear SW List:
Do you know of other web sites that use SignWriting? I would like to
mention them on our web site, referring people to their sites. Below
is a list of the sites that I know about...if you know of other
sites...please tell me! Val ;-)

Sites that include some SignWriting:

1. SignWritingSite
Read & Write Sign Languages

2. SignBankSite
Sign Language Dictionaries

3. SignWriting List Archives
Messages About SignWriting

4. SignBible Site
Bible in American Sign Language

5. SignPoetry Site
Sign Language Dictionaries

6. German SignWritingSite
German Sign Language Site

7. SignWriting Markup Language
Computer Programming in Brazil

8. SignWriting Journal
SignWriting Articles & Discussions

9. DanceWritingSite
Read & Write Dance

10. MovementWritingSite
Read & Write Movement & Gesture

Know of any others?

Val ;-)

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