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From:  Hector Devia
Date:  Sat Dec 8, 2001  9:40 pm
Subject:  Escribiendo en Senas Nicaraguenses

SW list and James Shepard-Kegl

James Shepard-Kegl wrote:

"Since I am neither a native nor fluent speaker of spanish, I can only
comment upon what my Nicaraguan colleagues do. The common term for
SignWriting in Bluefields is Escribiendo de Senas -- whether that is
grammatical or not, I really am not sure. Nobody says SignoEscritura".

In Colombia the oldest book about signs say "Lenguaje Manual, Mimica,
Gestos, Signos, etc." but generaly common people tends to say "seņas" and
many institutions for Deaf have been switch to "Seņas" too.

About "Escribiendo de Seņas" it is not grammatical, it could be "Escribiendo
Senas" or "Escribiendo en Senas" if you are refering to someone who do it.
If you are refering to the Writing system you can say "La Escritura de
Seņas". Of course there are others options for example SignoEscritura or
SenaGrafia. (Others options??)

Buen dia a todos los que en la lista estan Escribiendo en Senas.

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