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From:  Hector Devia
Date:  Sat Dec 8, 2001  9:19 pm
Subject:  Idioma de Senas Nicaraguense is OK

SW list and Judy A. Kegl

For common people "Idioma de Seņas" is more clearly, Its for linguists and
other professionals who tend to say "Lengua de Seņas" Because they explain
the diference between "Lenguage, Lengua y Habla" (I don't know the right
terms that anglosaxon linguist uses for these concepts).

When some one, who know nothing about "Seņas" or linguistic, I explain to
them: "Las seņas es lo mismo que un idioma, es decir como el ingles, frances
o aleman; la unica diferencia es que las personas Sordas mueven las manos y
son mas expresivos" (The Signs are the same of al language as english,
france or german, the diference is Deaf people move their hands and uses
facial expresion) It seems to be enough for them, so I love use "Idioma de
Seņas" in informal sets but in formal sets I say "Lengua de Seņas".

Hasta luego y que tengan un buen dia todos los miembros de la Lista
Escribiendo Seņas.

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