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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Dec 9, 2001  3:21 am
Subject:  Re: SignoEscritura and SenaGrafia.

Hector from Colombia wrote:
>.....but Deaf use a diferen sign, that mean "chinese or japanese write"
>because it was nor letters from the spoken language, and they continue using
>it. So I think it is necessary a meaningful word or expresion in the
>vernacular language to describe it.

SignWriting List
December 8, 2001

Regarding the name SignWriting versus SignGraphics...

Of course Deaf people in conversation can call it whatever they
wish...and you are right that SignWriting is compared to Chinese all
the my country too!

But even though written Chinese is visual, it is still considered a
"writing system", not a "drawing system".

So if the name SignGrafia (SignGraphics) means to draw signs in
Spanish, then that is not a correct translation...SignWriting is a
true writing system...

Hearing people do not believe that Deaf people can write their Sign
Languages. I believe they can. Therefore I want to stress the fact
that we are "writing signs", not "drawing signs"...

You called it "La Escritura de Senas" before, in your translations,
Hector, and that is a great name....Couldn't you continue to use that
name when you publish? Is there some reason that you do not like "La
Escritura de Senas"?

Smile...don't worry...this has nothing to do with daily has to do with names of textbooks and things like
that..."Lecciones de la Escritura de Senas" is " Lessons in
SignWriting", right?
Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton


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