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From:  Hector Devia
Date:  Sat Dec 8, 2001  10:05 pm
Subject:  Re: SignoEscritura and SenaGrafia.

Sw list and Valerie Sutton:

I understand that SignWriting and SignWriting is the trademark and it is a
proper name; I feel it is ok, just pople call the computers programs as they
are in english as Windows, Word, Linux, etc, some times I use the the
english words for SigWriting and SignWriter, especialy in connection to DAC
and computer program, but in informal sets it sound puff up for some people,
so the use of "SignWriting and SignWriter" depends of the set.

But "the thing and the event" that means "They way and the form to write
signed languages" need a name in the vernacular language who become familiar
with it; in the same way we refer to others forms to write spoken languages
as cuneiform, demotic, hieroglyphics, hieratic, ideographic, pictografic,

By the way, when I show the SignWriting symbols to Deaf in Medellin, and
explain the systems I use the ASL form, for SW, and later I adapt to the LSC
form too, but Deaf use a diferen sign, that mean "chinese or japanese write"
because it was nor letters from the spoken language, and they continue using
it. So I think it is necessary a meaningful word or expresion in the
vernacular language to describe it.

Good day to SW List members.

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