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From:  Carlos Thompson
Date:  Fri Nov 27, 1998  9:23 pm
Subject:  Automatic translation

Hi to every body in this list (I'm new at it).

My name is Carlos and I'm working in a R&D group in Colombia, where we
are planing to make an automatic machine (computer) translator from
Spoken Spanish into Colombian Sign Language (LSC for short). At this
momoent we are award of the lots of difficulties this project has to
pass throw and one of those is the final representation of the LSC.

As I've seen SignWriting is an option for the output of LSC, as well as
digitalized video and rendered animations are.

Other problems we are fasing are the translation itself, and the speech
recognizion. This is an ambitious project and I would like to know if
anybody knows on any think that could help us into this research we
would thank you.

-- Carlos Th

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