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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Dec 21, 2001  6:02 pm
Subject:  ZURICH: Right & Left Placement

SignWriting List
December 21, 2001

>2) re. left right placement
>Do I understand you rightly, that in the horizontal .SGN file we send
>you, we take no note of left-right placement? (Which is anyway hard to
>do in the horizonal layout, right?). This means that we add the
>left-right placement later...


Right and left placement can be typed horizontally. We do it all the
time. I will show you in the next message...

Right and left placement is read better and understood better in
vertical columns though. So please type the right and left placement
horizontally in SignWriter 4.4. Otherwise, I cannot know the
placement, unless you show me a Quicktime video clip of the sentence.

When I say I will place a sentence in vertical columns for you, I
meant that I will do it correctly from the beginning, so that when
you receive the vertical column in a graphics file, you will not have
to make any changes to it later. The layout artist can just paste it
into the document on her computer...without any glue or paper...and
without changing anything. Val ;-)


PS. I have a term for "right and left placement". I call it "Spatial
Comparisons". Here is an article on the web about it:

Spatial Comparisons


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