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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Dec 21, 2001  5:23 pm
Subject:  ZURICH: Publishing Your First SW Story

SignWriting List
December 21, 2001

>some approximation of how much space the SW and corresponding
>German translation for each sentence/paragraph takes, plus an idea of
>how the symbols actually look when all strung together.

Sadly, your first document will be a problem for you, because you do
not have the whole story typed in SignWriting in SignWriter 4.4.
Instead you typed individual glosses of the signs out of order from
the story, without writing them in the context of the grammar and
structure of the sign-sentences in the story.

So in the future, type sentences from the beginning, without thinking
in terms of glosses.

The videotape you sent me is only individual glosses, so I cannot
help you without seeing sign-sentences in their entirety.

So here is my suggestion:

1. Let us give the first "complete sign-sentence" in the Noah story a
name...let's call it "Noah1".

2. Ask your Deaf staff to type Noah1 directly in SignWriting without
any spoken language, in SignWriter 4.4. Put in the facial
expressions, and the shifting from right to left and other
grammatical features that make it a real sentence. Name the SGN file
"Noah1". (just one sign sentence - that is all).

3. Ask your technicians to create a QuickTime videoclip of Noah1.

4. Then send me the Quicktime and SGN file for Noah1.

I can then prepare one sentence for you in vertical columns, so your
layout artist can assess how much room it will take....

How does that sound?
Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton


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