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From:  "Judy A. Kegl"
Date:  Mon Dec 31, 2001  4:14 am
Subject:  Re: ARABIA: New Web Posting!

I would be interested in the signs for the various Middle Eastern countries.
In Bluefields, Nicaragua, we have signs for some, but not all of them. The
sign for Saudi Arabia, for example, relates to the Black Stone of the Ka'ba.
The sign for Lebanon refers to the green tree on that country's flag
(cedars of Lebanon). Afghanistan and Pakistan mix initializations with a
crescent moon hand sweep. Syria is a lion. Iraq, Kuwait and Iran all have
signs that are variations upon the sign for "oil". The ASL sign for Israel
has been borrowed.

We discuss Palestine a great deal in current events classes, but I have yet
to see a generally accepted sign for Palestine.

In any case, we are always interested in knowing what the Deaf people in
their own countries are using.

-- James

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