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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Jan 3, 2002  5:40 pm
Subject:  Re: FRENCH SWISS: Software Question

>A-Claude from French-Switzerland wrote:
>I thought I first had to select a font (either french ou swiss-german)
>and download it into my computer... and then install SW 4.4. but
>actually I have no idea about it...
>What do I have to start with ? I don't know what programm I need to
>install to start using SW ? Both of them ?!? in what order

SignWriting List
January 3, 2001

There are no problems, Ann-Claude. It is just a matter of experience.
Everyone learns computers in time. And SignWriting software is
unique. So keep asking questions!

You had a misunderstanding. Fonts and SignWriter are two DIFFERENT
things, and do not work together.

I will assume that your project at the Fribourg School for the Deaf
needs to type signs in French-Swiss Sign Language? If so, you need
SignWriter 4.4, not the fonts.

SignWriter 4.4 has all the symbols you need for basic typing of
signs, plus it gives you a true way to type in sentences, like a word
(or sign)-processor. It also offers you a dictionary program and a
fingerspelling keyboard for 18 countries. It will give you French
words on the screen too.

Fonts (TrueType) are only for single symbols that do not rotate or
flop automatically for you. Fonts are good for typing fingerspelling,
but you want more than fingerspelling! And besides, there is a
Fingerspelling Keyboard already installed in SignWriter 4.4.

So let's discuss SignWriter 4.4....

1. You can download free SignWriter 4.4 Shareware on the web....

Download Shareware

It is available for Brazil, Finland, Nicaragua, Spain, USA, Germany,
German-Switzerland and Colombia at this time.

For the French version, you will need to purchase the SignWriter
Computer Program. In time, I can develop a special French-Swiss
Shareware for you, in about a year, after you have used the program
for awhile. The shareware will be nice for other people in
Switzerland who will want to join you in typing signs. I am sending
you a packet of information air mail, and you can review all this,
and think about it. Plus right now, you can download another country
version of the shareware to experiment...

There are several things you need to know:

1. SignWriter 4.4 is an MS-DOS program. It runs well on Windows 95
and 98, on IBM PC compatibles. It is not a Macintosh program.

2. does run on a Macintosh...IF you have another program,
called VirtualPC or SoftPC (or other shareware equivalents), that
turns your Macintosh into a DOS-Windows computer...

I use SignWriter 4.4 on my Macintosh everyday using VirtualPC.

You can read about VirtualPC on the web:

Does the Fribourg School for the Deaf have computers? What kind? Are they PC's?

So you can use SignWriter on your Macintosh with VirtualPC, but if
the Fribourg School for the Deaf has Windows 98, then they will be
able to install it directly without VirtualPC...

Please tell us about your project. What are your goals?

Val ;-)

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