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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Jan 5, 2002  9:20 pm
Subject:  FRENCH SWISS: Europe SW Classrooms

>FRENCH SWISS project wrote:
>I'd like to know whether it would be possible to develop something in
>the french speeking part of Switzerland. I'm in touch with Penny Boyes
>Bream and plan to go and visit her during the next see how
>they are working on their SignWriting project. She told me you'd be
>interested in developping something... and maybe we could adapt a new
>"keyboard" or even use the one you developped for the school in
>Toulouse as we do use french sign language in the french speaking part
>of Switzerland.

SignWriting List
January 5, 2002

Dear SW List, and Anne-Claude!
I will be happy to develop a special French-Swiss version of the
SignWriter Computer Program for you.
At the moment I do not have funding, but if you purchase SignWriter,
I will be happy to do the extra work for you, to create the new
version. The French version that comes with SignWriter 4.4 right now
might be good enough...we can't know until you try it...

Besides visiting the Zurich Project, which is an excellent idea,
there may be other classrooms and research labs in Europe that can
give you feedback. For example, I know that researchers and teachers
visit Stefan Woehrmann's classrooms in Germany...Stefan is doing a
great deal of work with young Deaf children, and their speaking and
reading skills are improving because of I strongly
suggest contacting Stefan, who is also a member of the SignWriting

Stefan Woehrmann

You will find that teachers, like Stefan, who are not linguists, are
proving the efficacy of SignWriting in the classroom directly...and
it is that direct contact with Deaf students that gives linguists
something to study later...

Stefan has had teachers from other cities and countries visit his
classrooms too...

Stefan, can you tell us about some of the people who have visited to
learn about SignWriting?

Val ;-)

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