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From:  MGirod & ACPrlaz
Date:  Sat Jan 5, 2002  7:05 pm
Subject:  FRENCH SWISS Project Description

Dear members of the list,

First of all I have to present myself. I'm called Anne-Claude Prelaz.
I'm a speech therapist, sign language interpreter and a student in
linguistics in the university of Neuch I el Switzerland (french speaking
part of Switzerland). I've always been interested in the difficulties
that deaf children meet with writing and reading... one of my hypothesis

being that, if they could really develop metalinguistics skills in SL,
they would more easily learn to read and write french (or any other
language).In the school I used to work in, we tried to find out
differents ways to get rid of these difficultlies... and I have to admit

we didn't really findanything that works for the deaf children (I'm not
speaking of children who are "hard of hearing").

When I first heard of Sign Writing I thought it would be a great tool to

give access to metalinguistic skills to deaf children. If they can write

in their own language, re-read their production, get used to writing and

to what writing can be used for, ..., and develop metalinguistics skills

.... it wouod be much easier for them to then learn to write french,
understand what we expect from them, ...

I was pregnant at that time(1998) and quit this school... I now have
twokids.... this project with SignWriting is still alive in my head but
it has been left aside for a while... I'm still in touch with the
school for the deaf in Fribourg (where I used to work in) and as I'd
love to focus on SignWriting's use in relation with metalinguistics in
my project at university of Neuch I el (we have to write a paper on a
thema we have to choose)

I'd like to know whether it would be possible to develop something in
the french speeking part of Switzerland. I'm in touch with Penny Boyes
Bream and plan to go and visit her during the next see how
they are working on their SignWriting project. She told me you'd be
interested in developping something... and maybe we could adapt a new
"keyboard" or even use the one you developped for the school in
Toulouse as we do use french sign language in the french speaking part
of Switzerland.

In my first message to Valerie, I asked her the following:
I've read different things on SignWriting on the site... I now would
like to know of there is any specific paper on signWriting and
metalinguistics as I'll have to explain to my "directory" why I want to
choose this kind of subject for my final paper in university... and it
would be better if there would be other researches in this field. Could
you please send me these information as soon as you can. Could you also
tell me if you think it could be possible to develop the use of
SignWriting in the school I used to work in if I get in charge of the
"rapports" ? I want to propose this to the "chef" of the team in
Fribourg and I'm supposed to make a presentation in february to convince

them to try and use SW in their teaching... BUT I first have to know
whether it's OK for you.

I'd be really happy to hear about any research, project around the world

focusing on metalinguistics skills and SW

I hope to hear from you soon

Yours friendly

Anne-Claude Pr }_ az

PS: For the french speaking members... I've copied underneath a summary

of the short presentation (in french)of my project's aim I did send to
my ex-colleage, working in the deaf school in Fribourg Switzerland.


Dans le cadre de la r } lexion du groupe Apprentissage de la langue
nous avons longuement r } l } hi aux moyens \ notre disposition pour
faciliter aux jeunes sourds l cc \ l crit. Nous butions
syst }> atiquement sur le probl > e de manque de capacit }
m } alinguistiques chez les sourds pour acc } er \ l crit. Nous demandons

en effet souvent aux sourds d cc } er \ l crit sans par ailleurs qu

puissent s ppuyer sur des comp } ences orales (on parle des sourds et
pas des malentendants) et syst }> atiquement sans qu ls puissent dans
leur langue naturelle, avoir de syst > e } uivalent. Le SignWriting me
semble offrir une possibilit Z (encore totalement inexplor } chez nous)
aux enfants sourds de d } ouvrir la dimension } rite du langage, d n
comprendre l tilit Z les fonctions. Je fais par ailleurs l ypoth e
que l cquisition d n tel syst > e de notation devrait leur permettre
d cc } er ensuite plus facilement au fran is } rit. Travailler la
langue des signes \ l crit, la noter, l crire, se relire, d } ouvrir
l mportance de l rdre des mots dans une phrase, etc. e tout cela permet

\ l nfant de prendre du recul sur sa propre langue et sur les langues
de mani e g }?} ale.

Anne-Claude Pr }_ az
rue St-Jean 32
1260 Nyon
Tel 0041.22.362.52.37
Fax 0041.22.362.52.66

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