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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Sat Jan 5, 2002  9:42 pm
Subject:  Re: "Metalinguistics"...what is it?

Dear All you folks,

This is Charles Butler,

I just received confirmation that I have been selected from over 500
candidates to present at the Deaf Way Conference sometime during the period
of July 8 through July 13. The proposals were gleaned down to 198
presenters and my overview paper is due by the 24th of this month for my

The presentation proposal was as follows:

Sign Language as Literature - An Exploration of Sutton Sign Writing.

This is an overview of the basic concepts of Sign Writing and various
publications that have been done in written sign language. Examples include
short stories, poetry, newspapers, and dictionaries in several different
sign languages including ASL, Nicaraguan, Spanish (continental), German, and
Brasilian (LIBRAS).

Class time necessary 2 hours. (1 hour teaching time, 1 hour discussion and

I am now writing all of you to say I need help in registration as I am
currently unemployed and the deadline is far passed for reduced rates. As I
live in the Washington area, they accept partial payments but at the moment
I am not able to give anything at all and still eat.

I'm saying all this fairly bluntly because I don't know what else to do.
With the extension of Sign Writing around the world I would strongly wish to
be able to give a good presentation, and hopefully have the participation in
that class of various other users of Sign Writing around the world.
Gallaudet, with the exception of classes taught over 10 years ago, has not
been enthusiastic in supporting SW as a way of creating true literature. I
hope to change the public opinion with strong examples from the various
linguistic communities of SW, including ASL, Brasilian Sign Language,
Nicaraguan, and continental Spanish sign language, as well as others which
may be ready by then.

As much of the presentation will be in the way of transparencies, I hope to
at least have basic examples of each sign language in the mix, but as much
as anything I need financial support.

Can any of you help me in this endeavor, as the job market in Washington DC
is flat right now. I have not worked since September 11 and things are
getting very tough.

Write me if you can help.

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