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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Jan 15, 2002  4:10 pm
Subject:  Re: Questions for a Notation Comparisons Study

SignWriting List
January 15, 2002

SignWriting is a true "writing" system. It is not a drawing system.
It is not art. It does not take artistic ability. It takes practice,
but all writing systems take practice. That is why we go to school
when we are 6 years old to learn to write our language. We all spent
years learning to write in school. As adults we may not remember that
fact. But it is true.

FACT: Right now, there are Deaf people who have achieved fluency in
SignWriting, and have also achieved literacy, using SignWriting as
their writing system. Look at the attached diagram. Doesn't that look
like "taking notes" in any written language?
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