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From:  beth a morse
Date:  Tue Jan 15, 2002  5:20 pm
Subject:  Re: Good news about SignBank 2002 ;-)

Will this program be used with Windows or will it still be accessible
through DOS only?

> From: Valerie Sutton
> To: SignWriting List
> Subject: Good news about SignBank 2002 ;-)
> Date: Monday, January 14, 2002 9:17 PM
> SignWriting List
> January 14, 2002
> My Dear Friends!
> I am soooo happy tonight...I have worked out an understanding with
> FileMaker Corporation, about our new SignBank 2002 program, the
> SignWriting Online Dictionary, which is designed in FileMaker. We are
> working out publicity plans, with the hopes that an official
> announcement about SignBank 2002, coming jointly from FileMaker
> Corporation and the Center for Sutton Movement Writing, will be made
> in the Fall, 2002. There is much to be done with beta testing,
> programming and data entry all year, and then, when it is ready,
> FileMaker will help us donate the program to schools with deaf
> students around the world...They are equally as excited as I am,
> because even though FileMaker Pro is usually used for small
> businesses, they would like to reach out to Deaf people and other
> groups too. It is rare for them to have that opportunity...So we are
> helping each other...
> This does not mean that we are getting money from FileMaker. We are
> not. FileMaker Corporation does not donate money to nonprofits. But
> they are donating their software to us, plus technical development
> help on publishing the database on the web, plus joint publicity. And
> in time, they may offer a version of SignBank to all FileMaker
> users...but that is a long time from now..... Right now, we have much
> work to do, to get a working version of SignBank.
> I hope to send off the beta test versions of SignBank to the beta
> testers next week....five copies to Albuquerque to Cecilia Flood and
> her team of teachers at Hodgin Elementary School, a copy to Stuart
> Thiessen to test it with the Deaf Community in Des Moines, Iowa, a
> copy to Charles Butler to try to use it for his four language
> dictionary, and there are three other beta testers in other
> countries...They have already seen it, and have already given me a
> wealth of advice. I hope to implement changes they have suggested in
> I will be working on SignBank all year - an exciting
> year!
> We have our annual Board Meeting on Sunday, January 20th (just a few
> days from now)...I will tell you all about the meeting next week...
> Wish you all could be with us this Sunday!
> Many blessings -
> --
> Val ;-)
> Valerie Sutton
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