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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Jan 15, 2002  3:17 am
Subject:  Good news about SignBank 2002 ;-)

SignWriting List
January 14, 2002

My Dear Friends!
I am soooo happy tonight...I have worked out an understanding with
FileMaker Corporation, about our new SignBank 2002 program, the
SignWriting Online Dictionary, which is designed in FileMaker. We are
working out publicity plans, with the hopes that an official
announcement about SignBank 2002, coming jointly from FileMaker
Corporation and the Center for Sutton Movement Writing, will be made
in the Fall, 2002. There is much to be done with beta testing,
programming and data entry all year, and then, when it is ready,
FileMaker will help us donate the program to schools with deaf
students around the world...They are equally as excited as I am,
because even though FileMaker Pro is usually used for small
businesses, they would like to reach out to Deaf people and other
groups too. It is rare for them to have that opportunity...So we are
helping each other...

This does not mean that we are getting money from FileMaker. We are
not. FileMaker Corporation does not donate money to nonprofits. But
they are donating their software to us, plus technical development
help on publishing the database on the web, plus joint publicity. And
in time, they may offer a version of SignBank to all FileMaker
users...but that is a long time from now..... Right now, we have much
work to do, to get a working version of SignBank.

I hope to send off the beta test versions of SignBank to the beta
testers next week....five copies to Albuquerque to Cecilia Flood and
her team of teachers at Hodgin Elementary School, a copy to Stuart
Thiessen to test it with the Deaf Community in Des Moines, Iowa, a
copy to Charles Butler to try to use it for his four language
dictionary, and there are three other beta testers in other
countries...They have already seen it, and have already given me a
wealth of advice. I hope to implement changes they have suggested in I will be working on SignBank all year - an exciting

We have our annual Board Meeting on Sunday, January 20th (just a few
days from now)...I will tell you all about the meeting next week...

Wish you all could be with us this Sunday!

Many blessings -
Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton


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