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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Jan 19, 2002  2:41 am
Subject:  SignWriting Membership Meeting This Sunday ;-)

SignWriting List
January 18, 2002

Dear SignWriting List Members!
I am looking forward to answering your messages. Every message is
like a special treasure - such great news from the Arabic Nations,
from Nicaragua, Germany, Albuquerque, Iowa, Washington, Spain, Japan
and Switzerland....

This Sunday, January 20, is our annual SignWriting Membership
Meeting. It is a Board Meeting that we hold every January or
February. We are a nonprofit organization. That means that under the
US law, our organization is established to "do good for
society"....Our purpose is to give to "education". In return, the US
government does not tax us on income from donations. So that means we
exist by writing grants to Foundations, asking for financial help for
our projects.

I explain this, because I know that different countries have
different laws. I remember, when I lived in Denmark, that there was
no such thing as a "nonprofit" organization in Danish law...It was
hard to explain it to them...

So every year we hold our Membership meeting... We hope to have
around 20 people on Sunday...

In the past few days I have been preparing the paper work for that
meeting. I completed the bookkeeping, and accounting and the
Treasurer's Report, and today I completed the Year-End Report for
2001, which I will post on the web next week. All of you accomplished
so much in the year 2001, it is quite amazing and I feel grateful for
all your hard work in 27 countries. 2001, SignWriting was used in 27 countries....I am totally amazed!

So I am taking the weekend to focus on the Meeting. I will be back
online on Monday morning. I will answer every message next week. And
meanwhile, we all will be thinking of you on Sunday, and wish you
could be with us!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!
Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton


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