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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Mon Jan 21, 2002  10:34 pm
Subject:  Re: SW for WINDOWS - When ???


Remember that any given handshape has 96 possible positions (8 positions, 6
rotations, plus 2 reflections for left and right) and you will release why a
Word Processing system has a good chance of succeeding. For any of the 77
hand shapes for Brasilian Sign Language, for example, one must, at some
point, create 96 positions to be catalogued. The Sign Writer program, at
present, does that in DOS, rather than in Windows, but essentially a Windows
based program is going to a file with a single hand shape and a single
rotation, etc. and retrieving it, by the tedious hand of the reader, as
opposed to a word-processing system which is set up for "handshape, hand,
rotation, orientation" as a matter of single keystrokes rather than
pull-down menus to rotate, reflect, move about.

I am sure that any of the various systems that have a chance of succeeding
in input of the SW system will run across, eventually, the same challenges.
Whether DOS, Windows, or Linux-based, you still, at some point, have to
catalog all the shapes, orientations, rotations, etc., that are built into
the system.

Good luck with the challenges.

Charles Butler

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From: Sergio Ribeiro
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2002 4:36 PM
Subject: SW for WINDOWS - When ???

> Hi Sefan and List Members,
> Regarding your message...
> I supose with is possible export only simple sign fingers, hands, faces,
> to folders anywhere. After capture this sign and insert into program for
> windows and compose the final sign like Love, House, etc. And save .bmp
> format. This folers is like a Dictionary, in word may be insert this sign
> doc like a Clip Galery.
> Sergio Ribeiro
> :-)
> Hi Sergio - and List Members,
> well I am interested in all kinds of programs that help present SW under
> Windows. I not quite sure what you are doing with your program.
> Please let me ask back:
> There are several steps to create documents in Word .
> 1) type a sign with SW44 - in DOS
> 2) convert the sign to a .bmp graphic
> 3) paste the graphics from a folder (sign list) with alphabetic order into
> the document
> is this true ??
> Sefan ;-)
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