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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Jan 24, 2002  8:50 pm
Subject:  ZURICH: In-Between Planes

>>Zurich Project wrote: We are uncertain how to notate a movement
>>which goes between two planes (for example, in sentence 2 'lava
>>flowing' moves both forward and from high
to low; or in Sent. 12 in which the pointing index sign (IX) has a
diagonal forward and down orientation of the fingertip as well as
movement .) Do you have to combine the two symbols for forwards and
downwards, or do you have some symbol to add to the forwards arrow,
to show that it is also downwards?

SignWriting List
January 24, 2002

Yes. We can write movement parallel to the "diagonal plane", between
forward and downward.

Read the lesson on the web:

Straight Arrows on the Diagonal Plane

Here is a diagram from that lesson:

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