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From:  Jerry Spillman
Date:  Wed Feb 13, 2002  1:01 pm
Subject:  Re: Pastor Ron asks how?

Dear Brother,

Do you mean the clips of the .sgn files that I put on the web pages? I
am happy to share whatever I can with you, just that I use several
different methods depending on what we are making. For the web pages, I
use a "screen shot", which is simply pressing the "print screen/SysRq"
key, then I open a photo editor such as Microsoft Photo editor or Paint
Shop and use Edit/paste to make a new file. I then size, crop, invert
to black on white, reduce to two colors, and save as a .gif file. If
you would like more detail using a specific program, I would need to
know which programs you have that will handle grapics. I am not aware
100 per cent of what comes with Office 97, but will do some looking
today to see if there is something in there that will allow graphics

Your Brother,


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