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From:  Neil Bauman
Date:  Wed Feb 13, 2002  2:00 pm
Subject:  Re: Lady needs some help

Hi Guys:

This is off-topic insofar as it is not related to sign-writing, but I know
there are some very knowledgeable linguistics people here (to put it mildly).

I lady wrote an email to me this morning asking for my help--and some of
her questions are way beyond me--certainly not in my areas of expertise.
She has to take an exam on Saturday and has to get a handle of these
questions and can't find any one who can help her.

If you can answer any of the following questions, please answer on list or
to me privately and I'll pass them on to her. (She is taking a special
teacher's exam for working with kids with disabilities so the answers don't
have to be long and/or technical--just enough so she can understand enough
to pass the exam.)


4. "Understand the forms and functions of language in communicative
contexts." Including the forms and functions of language in communicative
discourse, and functions of language in relation to cognitive development.

5. Identify linguistic features of English AND ASL. Including segmental,
supersegmentals, morphemes, semantics, (I know this is meaning) pragmatic
and syntax (how you combine the words so they make sense) If you could
explain what these mean and give me examples please.

6. Identify stages and theories of speech and language development (include
phonological, semantic, morphemic, syntactic, and pragmatic aspects of
language. I guess what they are asking is which of these comes 1st, 2nd,
etc. in the development of language. I would think if they are profoundly
deaf, they would not do phonics. Is that incorrect?

Thanks a bunch.


Neil Bauman
49 Piston Court
Stewartstown, PA 17363
Phone: (717) 993-8555

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