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From:  Flavio Medina
Date:  Fri Feb 15, 2002  3:47 am
Subject:  Lack of understanding of SW, so frustrating...

Hello all members of the list!!

This message is not about computers, just for a
change. I was talking to a friend of mine about SW the
other day. He has a deaf daughter, about 13 years old
now. He would just not accept the idea of SW, because
he thought that SW would make "the deafs isolate
themselves even more in their world". I was really
frustrated... Another friends of mine, who fully
accepts sign language as a language and the right
deafs have of speaking in sign language, also would
not accept the idea of SW. In his opinion, like that
father mentioned before, SW would give a very strong
"excuse" to deafs not to learn Portuguese (or whatever
spoken language).

These two people are people that I like very much and
that really worry and care about the deafs. They do
fight with all their strength for deaf rights in
Brazil. But the idea of SW seems completly impossible
and far to them, and even if it was possible, they see
no merit in it. Of course I see a lot of merit in SW,
but this really frustrated me.

Anyway, what I wanted to ask is: you all guys that are
developing SW projects in deaf schools or deaf
communities, have you found any resistence by your
friends at work, deaf's parents, the community, etc.?
How did you lead with that? Do you think that (some)
deafs, specially the ones that are already scared of
spoken language, would use SW as an "excuse" not to
continue their studies of that spoken language?

Anyway, I'll be writing about computer stuff soon. I
just finished all the exams to enter my masters, and I
intend to take this weekend to rest :), it was really


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