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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Feb 19, 2002  5:02 pm
Subject:  Two SW terms: "stacking" and "columnizing"

SignWriting List
February 19, 2002

>>Is stacking the official word for transposing SW into vertical columns?

No. "Stacking" is a term meaning that within ONE sign, the symbols
"relate to each other" like the human body...Hands relate to the
faces and to the center of the body. The symbols are not placed "left
to right"...instead they stack around a central point.

"Columnizing" is the SW term for placing signs (that are already
stacked) in vertical columns.

Unfortunately, SignWriter 4.4 was developed before we realized how
high some of the stacked signs can be...So SW4.4 makes it hard to
stack some signs that are very tall...

SignWriter 5.0 takes care of this problem...this past week I have
been using SignWriter 5.0 to do tall stacked signs for the Zurich

Yes....SignWriter 5.0 does exist...but there are so many problems
along with the good, that I need a programmer to come in to fix those
problems before it can be released...

Here is an example of SignWriting that is "stacked" and "columnized".
This is Swiss-German Sign Language - the first two sentences from
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Size: 3k

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