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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Feb 19, 2002  6:07 pm
Subject:  Art Exhibit Displaying SignWriting Story

SignWriting List
February 19, 2002

Ann Cunningham wrote:
>>> Tini and Henk have taken over the transcription of Giricoccola,
>>>the sculptured fairy tale exhibit. We were wondering if it would
>>>be most desirable to display the SW at the monitor that broadcasts
>>>the ASL video or should it be with the Braille and English text?
>>>We thought you would have the best feedback on this issue and so,
>>>what do you think? I will get some pictures of the exhibit to
>>>you. It opens on the first of March. Ann


Hello Ann, Tini, Henk and SW Listers:
Ann is creating an art exhibit in Colorado, which will include the
fairy tale story "Giricoccola", written in SignWriting by Tini Pel.
We would love to see your document, Tini!

Ann - regarding your question about displaying the
SignWriting...About a day before your email message, I telephoned
Tini in Canada and we had a long talk...It was wonderful to speak
with you again, Tini!!

Tini and I discussed this issue, and we decided that the SignWriting
document should be placed near the ASL video...since it transcribes
the video.

Reason why? Because Braille conveys English or spoken language, but
SignWriting is writing a totally different language, namely ASL...

Plus, Deaf and blind issues are very different, and I think that
comparing SignWriting to Braille would only confuse the general
public even further!

Do you all agree with me? If not, just say so...Ann's display is
March SW List members feedback is welcome -
Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton


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