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From:  Cheryl Zapien
Date:  Thu Dec 3, 1998  2:20 pm

Hi you two! My name is Cheryl and I'm hearing and relatively new to ASL.
First, I want you both to know how difficult it is to learn your language. The
grammar is so different from English grammar. Hearing people usually struggle
for about 1-2 years learning to use our eyes (I had bad headaches for the first
year and got motion sick all the time *smile*) I bet my ASL grammar is far
worse than your English grammar *smile*. I'm taking some time to learn SW
because at some point in the near future, I want to go back to school, get my
formal language training and either get my Masters degree in Deaf education
(adult education--children's education--not sure which) or go into an
interpreter's program (haven't decided). I know from other teacher friends
that many school systems do not let the teachers teach in a way that is best
for the D/deaf child. I also know that there are school
systems that refuse to deal effectively with literacy issues once a Deaf
student reaches high school. This is wrong! This would probably explain some
of your frustrations in high school.

I would encourage you to learn SW for your own use, to write your own thought
and poetry, goals and dreams. I expect that there will be a day when SW is used
throughout the schools. It is a sensible system. However, I would also
encourage anyone who feels that his/her English skills are not good enough to
see if your local library system has a literacy tutoring program. I live in
the DC area, and the DC public library has an excellent program. Also, I would
encourage you to read, read, read. I have been told by Deaf friends that this
often helps with literacy. You want to start at your grade level and work your
way up (I love kids books myself and will read them for fun). Use the
dictionary a lot for pronunciation and ask hearing friends to help--perhaps you
can trade ASL lessons for English help.

Take care, Cheryl

Lourdes Tollette wrote:

> Francis,
> Franics wrote: I dont know why is that. I used to think it had to do with the
teacher not sitting down to take the time to work with the student in preparing
what to expect when we face the hearing world when we get older.
> Thank you and yes You right about this.
> This message you wrote above. Well Sometime I used to think that teacher
fault because teacher taught us easy way. ( I don't blame any teachers but
maybe the school system rules that way. I don't know) They should give me hard
or level grade same as hearing age . Right now My level is 3.4 grade. I am
not kidding. I don't write hard words on this. I was very late age to came to
high school. I was 17 years old in 9th grade with hearing student. I didn't
like that at all. Anyway When I was in English class (9th grade) with hearing
student. Of course I had interpreter (ASL sign) but the problem is teacher
taught hearing ways. So the interpreter had to follow exactly what teacher says
It was shock and very overwhelming. It was very hard class for me. I fought
this for 4 years high school. I stay after school ALLOTS. When I graduated
H.S. and still feel not good enough in English.
> 2 years ago I attend collage and had to take a lot of math and English class.
Boy, the teacher doesn't know what the level should be taught to deaf student.
The teacher asks me, What should I do or need to help deaf student to learn . I
told teacher that you should teach what you do the same as hearing students.
Deaf and hearing students are equal. I told teacher that most deaf student
have different level grade. Some deaf people are very smart because they went
to hearing school all their life and never in deaf school and also don t know
ASL sign. I have noticed that.
> Oh Jeez, I am talkative. Heh heh That's me! I should shut up to talk about
> Lourdes

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